Curtain cleaning cost Adelaide

Your curtain cleaning price is based on the size of your curtains.
At Adelaide Curtain Cleaners the curtain cleaning cost is charged per square metre.

While the size and therefore price varies a lot, most lined or blockout curtains will cost between $55 to $85 each.

Our service includes free take down and rehang of your curtains and free loan curtains if privacy is a concern.

Most household dust comes in through the windows and doors then accumulates at the top and inside of your curtains, around the hooks. While stains are worst around the hem and edges. Onsite curtain cleaning cannot clean the entire curtain.

By taking down your curtains Adelaide Curtain Cleaners can give your curtains a thorough clean without missing those hard to get at areas. With a turnaround time that suits you, or store while you paint. (Curtains are stored hanging full length so no creasing)

Adelaide Curtain Cleaners specialise in curtain cleaning throughout Adelaide using the method that best suits your curtains. Only Adelaide Curtain Cleaners can offer washing and pressing curtains, dry cleaning curtains, steam cleaning curtains or non immersion clean. We choose the method that will get the best curtain cleaning result according to your curtains fabric and condition.

How to calculate your curtain cleaning cost

To measure the square metres of your curtains first measure the height in metres, so from the top of the curtain to the bottom.
To measure the width, hold the curtain at the bottom corner and measure along the hem. Stretching it out as you go to get the true width of the fabric. Ignore the lining if lined.
Or for a rough idea measure the track width and double that measurement, this allows for the gather in the fabric.
Please note the more accurate your measurements the more accurate your quote will be.

Multiply your height and width measurements this gives you the square metre size of you curtain. If the curtains close to the middle each side will be the same size.

Our rates vary depending on the style of curtain;
Lined curtains or blockout curtains have a higher rate than sheers or teralyn due to the extra weight and volume.
There may be other factors that can affect the price so please give us a call with your measurements and we can give you a personalized quote.

Adelaide curtain cleaners only clean curtains.

Because we are specialized we can clean all types of curtains and drapes, see our full list of services. Without shrinkage or damage. If there are any risks, we can spot them before cleaning and advise on the best method and likely outcomes.

If your curtains have stains or any unusual characteristics, please make us aware of them as these could affect your curtain cleaning price and turnaround time.

Adelaide Curtain Cleaners Free take down and rehang service can be booked many days in advance so please plan ahead.

Save on the cost of curtain cleaning Adelaide

Bring them in to save! (T&Cs apply)
Come in any week day between 11 am and 3 pm, no need to phone.
Turnaround time can be as quick as a couple of days.
Leave the hooks in, we will deal with those for you!
No need to measure if you bring them in we will do that for you and give a fixed written price.

Or phone now to book our take down, clean and re-hang service with the only specialist curtain cleaning service in Adelaide.
Get the best value and cleaning for your curtains with Adelaide Curtain Cleaners.