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We only clean curtains – Which guarantees you the best possible result.
Convenient take down and rehang service or bring them into us and save!

Curtain Cleaning Adelaide

Cleaning the curtains while off the window is the only way to clean the entire curtain without missing those difficult areas where most dust and insects hide. Leaving the whole curtain, front and back, smelling fresh and beautifully cleaned.

  • Expert take down and re-hang. T&Cs apply
  • Free loan curtains for privacy, if required
  • Free storage while you paint or renovate.
  • Tracks serviced when re-hanging. Your curtains will operate with ease
  • Expert advice on the best approach according to your curtain’s age, fabric and condition
  • Eco friendly process, no lingering odour or nasty chemicals being used in your home.

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We only clean curtains – For over 20 years.

Curtains are the best choice for window coverings, adding privacy, insulation, and style.

They enhance the look of your home and filter the air for you, collecting dust and micro air pollutants. Over time curtains also accumulate oils from your hands, grime off the floor, pet hair and more.

But cleaning seems so daunting. How to get them down? How long will it take? Will they shrink or damage? Surely steaming onsite can’t clean the entire curtain, what about the inside around the hooks?

Be reassured your investment in curtains will last a very long time if properly looked after. (Adelaide Curtain Cleaners has successfully cleaned 30-year-old curtains). Learn our Story

Expert Curtain Cleaning Adelaide

Our work room and all our equipment is specifically designed for cleaning curtains. Investing in the latest technology we have tested every kind of curtain cleaning process over many years. Learning that with such a variety in fabrics, age and condition, there is not one method that cleans all curtains well.

That’s why we use several unique processes to guarantee the best results for your curtains.

However, one fact has been proven over and over; removing your curtains is the only way to ensure a thorough clean. Onsite cleaning misses the inside and top, behind the pleats where the most dust and allergens hide.

If you’re going to pay to have your curtains cleaned have them completely cleaned.

Pricing and turnaround

We charge per square metre, height x width of the hemline stretched out. When calling for a quote have your measurements ready.

The more accurate your measurements the more accurate your quote.

Adelaide Curtain Cleaners can clean all curtains: thermal block out, lined, silk, velvet, sheers, or wave fold curtains.

Our take down and re-hang service can be fully booked out many days in advance so it’s best to plan ahead, this allows for the minimum turnaround.

Once a convenient time is made we will arrive on time, inspect your curtains, and give a written quote. It only takes a few minutes for us to take down any type or size of curtain, then you are free to go about your day.

Turnaround time that suits you: fast or store while you renovate. Your curtains are stored hanging full length so no creasing.

How to save on Curtain Cleaning in Adelaide

Bring them in to save any weekday between 11 am and 3 pm. No need to measure, take the hooks out, or make a booking.
We’ll measure and provide a quote. Your curtains can be ready in no time neatly folded and bagged. Your curtains receive the same outstanding clean with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Get the best value and cleaning for your curtains with Adelaide Curtain Cleaners.
Phone now to book a take down and re-hang service. Or bring them in to us and save!