Curtain cleaning Adelaide our story

In 1946, the Brice family started its long tradition and distinguished reputation in dry cleaning when Ward Brice opened the first dry cleaning plant in North Adelaide.

This was a true family business with all his sons being involved. Including Ern Brice who later opened and operated Marryatville Dry Cleaners for 53 years.

Like every dry cleaner, we faced problems cleaning curtains with the standard dry cleaning process such as the lingering smell, shrinkage and linings sticking.

Seeing this problem as an opportunity, the third generation of the Brice family in dry cleaning set out to improve the standard of curtain cleaning. Over the next several years a great deal of research, experimentation and innovation took place.

The answers proved to be challenging industry accepted beliefs and specializing in only cleaning curtains. This required moving to a premise better able to handle the size of curtains and investing in unique equipment.  Most important was the realisation that with such a variety in fabrics, age and condition of curtains, there is not one method that cleans all curtains well.

Now for over 17 years Adelaide Curtain Cleaners has been the only specialist in cleaning curtains.

We assess and match each curtain to one of our unique cleaning processes for the best possible outcome.

The ethos of Adelaide Curtain Cleaners is simple: continuous improvement and that the little things make a big difference. This attitude ensures outstanding customer service and provides the best possible cleaning result.

Signed Jeff Brice

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